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Permanent cosmetic technique that creates the appearance of eyebrow hair.  It is done so by using a handheld tool to create delicate, crisp individual hair like strokes, mimicking the natural direction of the hair on you brows.

Pigments are then implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and results can last up to 2 years.  Not everyone is a candidate for microblading depending on skin type, age, immune system, and medications. Microblading is not recommended for heavily oily and large pore skin.


This technique is an advanced skill and due to the less invasive nature, superior healed results and true color retention–– it has become the most innovative brow enhancement on the market today.

This method uses a digital machine and a nano (very fine) needle to create very realistic hairstrokes.

It is the most sought out brow enhancement technique because of its benefits and has quickly surpassed other popular permanent brow services such as microblading. 


This technique combines full nano brow tattoo with some shading to create a denser look.  This technique is suitable to all clients and specifically great for clients who have course hair, but very thinly shaped brows, and helps blend together the crisp nano strokes with their natural hair so there is no detectable demarcation.


This technique combines some nano and ombre style all in one.  It is a combination of nano hairstrokes in the fronts of the brows which blends into a powder shading throughout the tail.  Perfect for clients who are looking for a natural, yet more profound and defined brows than the traditional hairstrokes.


This technique uses micro pixels to create a beautiful and natural powdered in look for the brows with a gradient effect to lighten saturation at the front and darker at the arch and ends.  This style is for those who are used to filling in their brows regularly and are looking for a more fierce and sharp look.


This technique creates a beautiful natural result by adding color and definition to pale and/or patchy lips, sun damaged lip, or for those simply wishing to revive their all over natural lip color. 

Pigment is applied to the entire lip area and mimics the look of soft lipstick. Colors are based on clients desired look and skin tone, and can be subtle or bold. 


This tattoo is done to enhance and define your eyes, whether it's a subtle lash enhancement, or a bold liner to suit your desired look.  This is a great option for clients who have allergies/

sensitivies,  vision problems, chronic dry eyes, oily skin causing makeup to smear throughout the day, an active lifestyle, sparse lashes, or anyone who simply wants to enhance and bring symmetry to their eyes.

Based on your desired look you can choose from a variety of techniques including lash enhanement, classic top liner, bottom liner, and both top and bottom. 

A thorough consultation is done before your procedure to determine which technique is best suited for you.

** Every Permanent Makeup service comes with one complimentary touch up that should take place approximately 6-8 weeks after the inital session

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