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Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! My name is Nina – I’m a makeup artist, lash extensions stylist, skin care professional, spray tan artist, permanent makeup artist and overall product junkie!

I’m always experimenting with new products. Friends and family are always asking me for product recommendations and makeup technique tips. I love talking about the latest products, skin treatments and beauty services.

I started my career as a stage and theatrical makeup artist. Through the years, I’ve learned how to transform a face – and not just with makeup. My work has evolved throughout the years, as I’m always on the hunt for new methods and I’m always thinking outside the box.

My goal is always to create customized looks that help each person bring out their beauty and maintain it.

The most important rule I’ve learned in this industry is there are no rules. An artist’s ability shines through their passion for their art. You have to be open to new things, regardless of anyone’s doubts. Anyone can be an artist. You just need to expect the unexpected, experiment with whatever influences you and believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Figuring out what works for you, as an artist, is a journey.

This blog will be will be a how-to and step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to learn the latest and greatest techniques. I will introduce you to the best products the beauty industry has to offer. I will try to answer as many questions in the comments as I can, so don’t hesitate to ask!

So ladies, I am ready to share the secrets I have learned from the industry’s best professionals. I’ve compiled all those tips into various techniques that work for everyone – all to bring out the most beautiful you!

#makeup #beauty

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