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Fine Line Tattoos have gained popularity in recent years. One of the biggest reasons is because the fine line technique makes it possible to get tattoos that are more dainty and feminine. The smaller lines in the tattoos make it possible to get more details in the tattoo, making room for word tattoos, script, and more elegant-looking tattoo designs. In the past, tattoos were known to appear more bulky and blurred, the idea of fine line tattoos is more attractive to many people. Nina specializes in single needle tattoos.

It's amazing how something so small can sometimes signify so much. One of my very favorite parts of doing tattoos has been the healing and self expression that goes along with them. Tattoos offer a way to create healing and intention in someone's life and energy.
Sometimes the tattoo represents a trial that has been overcome. Sometimes it represents love. Sometimes the tattoo represents an affirmation, a constant reminder of strength or intention. Sometimes it represents empowerment over trauma or abuse. Sometimes it's a breaking free of oppression or former beliefs. 
Sometimes it is a way to keep the memory close to them of someone or something they have lost. Sometimes it makes them feel beautiful. Sometimes it is a reflection of their sense of humor or personality.

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